I’m obsessed with my toilet seat. What? You’re not consumed with your toilet seat?

Is your toilet seat cold? Does the lid fall at-will making ‘that’ sound? Does your toilet seat scramble eggs and fry bacon? No? Sucks to be you.

Alas, my TOTO Washlet S300e doesn’t make breakfast, but it was love at first sit just the same.

My life has changed for the better ever since the TOTO Washlet S300e made its way into my bathroom.

Here’s five highlights of this innovative, Japanese inspired product that takes comfort and sanitation to a new level…


ONE. It has a remote control for goodness sake. There’s a heated seat and the temperature can be controlled.

TWO: A bidet function with front and rear warm water washing with temperature and adjustable pressure controls.

THREE: The Washlet S300e has an automatic deodorizer!

FOUR: A warm air dryer which decreases toilet paper use.

FIVE: There’s this little blue night-light on the rear. No fumbling during late night ‘gotta go’ moments.



TOTO is dedicated to changing the perception of what a bathroom can be and how it can be used.

WILLIAM STRANG is President of Operations…

brandnewdaydesigns: Why should consumers care about a toilet as anything more than just a place to take care of business and get on with life?

WILLIAM STRANG: The real key about caring about your toilet is your using it every single day. Sometimes five, six, seven times a day. You want to make sure that every time you [go to the bathroom], you’re reducing the consumption of water with every single flush, but still taking away all of the things that might be in there. TOTO toilets have a feature of electrolyzed water which is a remarkable opportunity to have the toilet clean itself after use. When you have that opportunity not only do you have the chance to use less toilet paper because you’re cleaner now, but as the toilet flushes and sprays in the bowl, the frequency with which you need to clean the toilet as well as the harshest chemistries can be reduced.

bndd: After you’ve installed your Washlet and figured out how to use the remote, that first time experience is incredible…

WS: Not only does it rinse you off, but you can change the pressure, temperature and the direction of the spray. There’s a spray in the back for men and women and a spray in the front for women. And by the way, the spray in the front for women is a completely different spray pattern, thus you have a much more refreshing opportunity to get clean after every visit to the bathroom.
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bndd: What can the United States learn from the Japanese?

WS: TOTO has a 70% market share in Japan. In the United States we tend to be more reserved and awkward when we talk about our bodily habits which is something not so problematic in Asian countries in particular. However, I can explain to you what this bidet toilet seat does, I can tell you all day long it’s going to get you clean and rinse you off, but unless you sit down, feel that warm seat, press that button, get that rinse and experience, you’re not going to have the visceral reaction and the affection for that product. It’s not just about making a good flushing toilet, it’s got to look good too. You can have technology, but if the technology is clunky and not aesthetic you don’t want it in your space.

bndd: TOTO Washlets and toilets are a big consideration when remodeling or building a new home…

WS: Absolutely, but even in retrofits we find an amazing opportunity.  For example with the aging, those who getting older. Maybe they’re losing some ambulatory skills or some dexterity loss. The ability to have that bidet function on their toilet seat allows them to get cleaner with less engagement with a caregiver. That is such an important part of your quality of life at that point in your life. My expectation is these kinds of products will allow people to stay in their homes longer before having to go to an assisted living facility or somewhere else. This will give an opportunity for more privacy. There’s no one intruding in your personal space and you’re able to be independent. That is so critical.

bndd: TOTO products aren’t necessarily cheap. What makes it worth it?

WS: You can buy these in kitchen and bath showrooms and the bidet toilet seat options range from $500.00 up to $1800.00. The key is once you begin to use it, that experience of having refreshment and the experience of better hygiene after every visit, changes the way you feel. You get off the toilet and say “I feel great!” —

PHOTOS: 1. TOTO Washlet S300e toilet seat  2. William Strang, President of Operations  3. Remote control  4. TOTO NYC Showroom  5. Event at showroom.




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