tom dixon materialism candlesWe’re in love with Materialism — industrial designer, Tom Dixon’s latest series of scented and decorative objects inspired by materiality.

This signature interior design collection features four beautiful fragrances – Oil, Quartz, Stone and Alloy.

The Materialism Collection are not only candles, but decorative pieces of art for your home as well.

Stephen Clark, Commercial Director for Tom Dixon on Materialism’s inspiration…

“Tom [Dixon] talks a lot about alchemy and fusing base metals together and making them something precious. This is the embodiment of that really. Using different materials which has a design brand that’s really important to us and creating a fragrance around those materials.”

Tom Dixon Materialism Candle Collection

Clark cont. “In all our fragrance families we pay as much attention to the vessel as we do to the fragrance itself. We’ve obviously got a design background and our hope is that we create these beautiful vessels and they end up living on once the candles burn out. All of our collections come as a small or large candle, a diffuser or gift set.”


Photo clockwise: 1. Oil: Glass vessel, mouth blown into a metal mould to create surface texture. Product is then painted black and finished with an iridescent paint and metallic decal. 2. Quartz: Glass vessel, pulled, pressed and stretched into an unexpectedly complex and unique container. A metallic decal is applied on the base to finish. 3. Stone: Marble vessel turned and polished back to ensure smooth even finish. Brass branding plate applied to the base to finish. 4. Alloy: Gravity cast aluminum vessel, made from steel molds. Machined back on the base, top and inside of the vessel. Embossed branding included.

DISCOVER:  Tom Dixon 



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