pacific play tents graphicHey parents, nothing makes us more happy than to see our kids happy right?

When it comes to toys, furniture and accessories for little ones, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style or beauty in your home. You also don’t have to have TV and movie characters all over your house.

Pacific Play Tents are a creative, fun and well designed option to make your kids happy while reflecting your personal style.

pacific play tents


Art Director, STEPHANIE ZUCKERBERG is faithful to creating products that impact kids positively and also function as well-designed furniture.

brandnewdaydesigns:  Tell me about some of your play tents…

Stephanie Zuckerberg: We have everything from beautifully designed mesh houses that glow in the dark to A-frames made with the Americana flag on it. We have teepees that are interchangeable; you can reverse it so it’s not just one tent, it’s many tents. We also make tents with normal faces that all of a sudden turn into little monster faces. I also get to design really cool stuff like Gnomes and Unicorns.

bndd: Do you think beautifully designed products impact kids positively?

SZ: One-hundred percent. If you can help give kids some reference for their imagination, that’s amazing. If you have something that’s designed thoughtfully, kids are going to take that in and put that back out into the world.

bndd: Would you agree that consumers are increasingly design savvy?

SZ: People are buying things that reflect their personal style. These tents are like furniture pieces in a child’s room or playroom. I think about where the tent might be in the house when I design. —


PHOTOS: Pacific Play Tents presenting at Toy Fair 2017 1. Glow ‘N The Dark Firefly House Tent 2. Americana A-Frame 3. Jessica Spencer, Brilliant PR + Art Director, Stephanie Zuckerberg, Magical Land Interchangeable Teepee 4. Sparky The Friendly Monster Dome Tent.

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