LG audio eventOn a fierce hot summer day in New York City, I hopped on the subway — from the Upper West Side near Lincoln Center — headed downtown to Flatiron Penthouse in the Flatiron District.

When I got to the building, I waited in a long check-in line eventually accessing the smallest elevator I’ve ever been in. We squeezed five people in. After exiting the ‘people dumbwaiter’ on the fifth floor, within seconds I was offered a refreshing Dark & Stormy cocktail. Ok, the evening held promise…

At the LG Sound Bites event, hosted by LG Electronics and chef Dale Talde, guest were able to check out the entire 2017 lineup of LG audio products and sample signature hors d’oeuvres prepared by Talde.



TIM ALESSI is Senior Director of Product Marketing for LG Electronics.

brandnewdaydesigns: What is the theme of this event?

TIM ALESSI: The name of the event is Sound Bites. It’s a pairing of food, music and visual experience. We wanted to step away from a more technical approach and more of a sensory approach on how we’re affected by food, music and vision. At LG we strive to not only provide the best picture and audio quality, but also the best design. [For many] the TV is a centerpiece of the home so we’ve been spending a lot of time and attention on TVs. The other part is audio. That’s part of the whole audio visual experience. Audio has been a problem for people in the past. It used to require a big AV receiver, a bunch of speakers with wires running everywhere. Now with sound bar systems you can get a great experience in a very compact form factor that integrates with the TV.

VIDEO: Chef Dale Tlade discusses what music inspired his signature bites during LG’s 2017 audio lineup presentation…

bndd: Are sound bar systems something you really want consumers to be aware of?

TA: We’ve always been behind sound bars ever since they came on the scene about five years ago. People have been adopting them at a pretty slow rate. The attachment rate for sound bars is very low when you consider what the benefits are. As much as we make the TV sound as good as it can be, there’s only so much you can do. If you have a sound bar, it’s really going to up the [viewing and listening] experience. It’s very easy to integrate and install and blends in beautifully with your environment.
Samsung Galaxy Note8 300x250

WATCH: Demo of LG OJ98 Entertainment Audio System…

bndd: Tell me about having Chef Talde at this event?

TA: We thought it would be a fun enhancement. Audio and video is a sensory experience and so is food and they all go together as a nice lifestyle element. What’s better than sitting, watching a really nice TV, hearing nice audio and having a nice meal at the same time?

LG AUDIO EVENTbndd: Do you think consumers know the impact design plays on their daily lives?

TA: A lot of people are in tune with design, but even those who aren’t know when something doesn’t fit into their everyday life. If something sticks out as a sore thumb and is ugly, they know about it [laughs]. We want design to be more second nature. For example, we want our LG TVs and sound bars to be great technology and beautiful design that fits into any decor. —–

Photos: 1. Chef Dale Talde and LG’s Tim Alessi welcome guests. 2. ZeroG portable speakers. 3. Sound Bites guests on rooftop of Flatiron Penthouse event space. 4. OLED 4K HDR TV with SJ9 Sound Bar.

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