Lamp-In-A-Box is an artistic way to incorporate a modern lighting experience in your living space while reflecting your personal style.

Lampshades are designed by a diverse group of contemporary artists, designers and photographers — featuring psychedelic butterflies by Cole Gerst, lustful robots by Carrie Masters, retro patterns by Jules Davis and erotic caricatures by Gianluca Mattia.

There’s also iconic and vintage brands including Coca-Cola, The Beatles, Marvel Comics
and Japanese baseball card imagery.

DO-IT-YOURSELF — Through the lamp building station on the Lamp-In-A-Box website you can chose from over 100 design templates including sports themes, geometric patterns and college logos and incorporate your personal photos; creating your own lamp-in-a-box.

There are eight different bases to chose from.

Living room. Bedroom. Kid’s room. Redefine your lighting experience.



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