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Once assembled, Joe Journeyman puzzles are a seek-and-find adventure centered around finding Joe Journeyman, the only athlete to play for all 32 NFL teams.

In addition to finding Joe, other hidden objects can be found throughout amazingly hand-drawn illustrations of NFL stadiums, their fans and unique city surroundings.

joe journeyman puzzle

Size: 18″ x 24″ / 500 pieces.


jed bruce illustrator journeyman puzzlesJED BRUCE is the sole illustrator of the 32 NFL team puzzles…

brandnewdaydesigns: What’s your process for illustrating the puzzles?

Jed Bruce: I start by hand-drawing the entire piece on illustration board with pencil which takes about a week for me to do. The second week I go over the entire [piece] in ink. The third week, which is my favorite, is putting the color on. I always start with the sky which sets the mood and time of day for the piece and work my way down. After that I go through and ink everything again and touch up with markers. It’s a combination of fine art and illustration. The sky is more fine art and the illustration helps tie it all together.

Watch illustrator Jed Bruce talk about the Joe Journeyman Puzzles at Toy Fair in New York City…

toy fair graphicbndd: Puzzles are popular, but not everyone’s into sports…

JB: It’s great if you’re a sports fan, but you don’t have to be to appreciate [these puzzles]. It’s a blast for anyone who lives in one of these locations. For example if you’re from Denver, there’s mountain artwork. I do a lot of research. One of the search items is a Denver Omelette. Denver was a gold town at one time, so there’s panning for gold as a search item in the piece. We’ve also got the Hot Springs. So we try to make it specific to that area and team. In the mountains, I have the Denver Broncos logo hidden and if you look closely, you can also see some horses. It’s not just putting together a puzzle. It’s an activity. After putting together the puzzle you still have a bunch of designs to look through and talk about. It’s a story within a story. —

DISCOVER:  Joe Journeyman Puzzles



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