A formula for a fun evening equals a glass or two of Prosecco, tasty snacks, a groovy DJ and most exciting, beautifully designed carpets and rugs. Trust.

STEPEVI, manufacturers of high-end contemporary custom and standard rugs — boasting one of the largest factories in Europe and the Middle East celebrated the launch of it’s new Sparkle Collection at its NYC showroom.

Produced using a new tufting technique, Sparkle is a collection of hand-crafted rugs featuring superior silk, wool, viscose, and metallic lurex materials — when combined give a bit of glimmer within the carpet. The collection is available in seven designs: Bellevue, Chess, Floral Cream, Floral Multi Color, Lago, Piano, and Sketch.



ÍLKER ÍLTER is a Regional Manager for the UK and German markets and MAXWELL DEUTSCH is Sales Manager for the STEPEVI NYC Showroom.

brandnewdaydesigns: What makes the Sparkle Collection unique?

Ílker Ílter: Right now we have seven designs in the collection. While lurex is one of the new materials we’ve applied to our products, the technique is different than our standard hand-tufted process. The density, the weight and the material that is used is more improved. It’s a very high end quality.

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bndd: Is there an inspiration for the Sparkle Collection?

Maxwell Deutsch: We started with just one rug called Lux. There was such a fond reception that we went and found glamorous, intellectual and stimulating things and made a rug design off of each one. For example we have a design called Chess which is an intricate pattern of an abstraction of a plaid where we made the rug, tufted it and tufted it four more times. It’s a very thick rug with many levels so it’s very soft with a visual and physical depth to it.

bndd: Why should interior designers be excited about this new collection?

ÍÍ: In addition to the high end quality, our customization capabilities are very important. While [we’re spotlighting the Sparkle Collection] at STEPEVI we can produce any carpets, any size, any shape, any quality combination. You may like it here as a rug for a project, but we can also do it in wall-to-wall. We can apply any size you are looking for.

MD: We have some of the shortest lead times in the country. If something is standard and in our warehouse in Turkey, we can have it to you before the end of the week. We can do a custom carpet that’s 100 percent your design in as little as four to five-and-a-half weeks.

ÍÍ: Because we are the manufacturer we have the control of every aspect of production from yarn preparation to the final product. So it gives us a great advantage on production lead times.

bndd: What’s the process for a customer when ordering a custom rug?

ÍÍ: When a customer orders a custom rug, they may have a design idea and we have our color box where they choose a color. Even if they can’t find the color they like than can give us a color and we can match that color in our laboratory. Once they have the shape or AutoCAD (the plan of the area), we prepare the drawings for them with the color and design they’re looking for. Once approved we start the production process.

bndd: How can a rug make a personal statement?

MD: Rugs last a long time and if your choose properly, no matter what furniture you end up with, apartment or home, you could have the same rug for 50, 60 or 100 years as long as it’s done properly. While we do custom colors, our standard colors are very attuned to the current taste moniker, but also what’s going to hold up moving forward. A few years ago, lime green and grey were really hot. That was great at the time, but no one’s doing lime green and grey anymore. So it’s choosing what is a avant-garde visually but will maintain its stature of a design item throughout time without overwhelming the room and taking over. —


Photos: 1. DJ Beau Winslow 2. Floral Multi design 3. Sparkle Collection launch party, NYC showroom 4. Chess design 5. Showroom samples 6. Sketch design 7. Lago design 8. Bellevue design.



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