Don’t assume that sustainable home décor is a mere trend that only the rich can afford. It’s a necessity.

Recent reports claim that over 30% of homebuilders today perform “green” projects in proportion of 60%. By 2020, we expect the level of eco-friendly home projects to get to 51%. Homeowners have started gaining an interest in the sustainable home décor concept, and the reasons vary. Some want to cut back costs on their monthly bill (e.g. water supply, gas, electricity), whereas others want to make their homes breathe in a fresher and healthier air for their loved ones.

Sustainability in interior home design is all about chemical-free paint, flooring, furnishings and more. Here are some core trends for 2017 you might to be in the lookout for.


Home automation is a big deal this year. The IoT is changing completely the way we operate home appliances. Right now, we have apps that monitor the quality of the air inside our homes, as well as devices that make them smarter and easier to use than ever before. The concept of a smart home has gone mainstream. We can use a mere smartphone or tablet to pre-heat our food and make coffee; turn off the lights and lock our homes remotely. Basically, thanks to the internet, we can do just about anything within a home from a distance. We can control all kinds of things with Wi-Fi and a remote control, such as lighting, HVAC systems, heating, ovens, washers, and more.

Outdoor elements inside the home

This is all about making the inside of our homes seem more outdoorsy. What to expect for this year? To begin with, we can anticipate more organic elements being brought inside the home. Wicker furniture, terra-cotta walls, and coffee tables made of stone are just some ideas you might want to consider for a makeover. Also, specialists argue there will be a switch towards more natural finishes, rough edges, and organic patterns in home furniture. Geometric shapes and straight lines have gone obsolete. Don’t forget about potted plants. Save glass bowls and jars, and use them to plant edible plants in the kitchen. It’s a great way to go eco-friendlier on your décor.

Bohemian-chic bedroom

Bohemian-chic is one of the coolest trend for this 2017. All you need to make it work is a few plants and some colorful fabrics around the home. To preserve the sustainable effect, we recommend you invest in eco-friendly fabrics. Bamboo and Egyptian cotton for the shades, bed linens, and curtains are the most recommended. Choose inspiring patterns and prints. Florals, zig-zags, and stripes might just be what you need to transform a boring bedroom into a Zen place. Top off the décor with scented candles and dim the lights. Sleeping time will become a lot more soothing.

What we love most about cotton and linen is that they’re both extremely versatile. They can be used for lots of different ways. Certain types are incredibly soft that you may believe they’re silk. Choose earthy tones and give your home an old-fashioned, rustic allure.

Recycled materials

Why store old kitchen cabinets in the basement when you can recondition them, and put them to good use? Maybe make a coffee table, nightstand or console in the hallway? Use old wooden furniture and make open shelves in the kitchen. Repaint them, but be careful to choose paint that is chemical free. Rather than throw away worn out chairs and sofas, it might be best to recondition them as well. Cover them up with cotton blankets and place them somewhere around the house to spice things up. The options are endless when it comes to recycled materials. Most homeowners store lots of things in their backyard for years. There has to be a use for each and every single one of those items. All you have to do is put your creativity to good use.

Sustainable home decorating is no longer a cool trend that only the rich can afford. There are lots of ingenious ways you can revamp your home without spending a fortune by going green. Whether you’d like to reuse a small cot mattress and make it a bed for your pet, or repurpose old furniture, the key is to think outside the box as the options are endless. —


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  1. Nadya Jones says:

    It takes creativity and an open mind to make a green project home design. Not every homeowner will like the idea. It will take determination to prove them wrong that you can make it elegant and luxurious. Besides, they’ll be saving not just their money but the environment too. What do you think is the hardest part of making a sustainable home design?

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  3. Sustainability is a goal to reach, and the recycled materials ideas are great.

  4. Harold Abrams says:

    Agree. Thanks for your feedback. Hoping for the best too!

  5. Nadya Jones says:

    Hey, Daniel! I really like the idea of sustainability design. It’s interesting to see that not even the DIY community embraced this, but also the design and architecture people. Let’s hope for the best!

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