HABA is a 70 year old family owned company originally from the Bavarian section of Germany specialized in colorful wooden toys for babies and toddlers.

We discovered HABA at Toy Fair in New York City. Standout were the Zookeeper Sorting Box and the Roll ‘n Roll ‘n Roll Ball Track.

LEA CULLITON is President of HABA USA…

brandnewdaydesigns: Why should design be a consideration for kids toys?

LEA CULLITON: Design not only aesthetically as far as color attracts the child to the toy, but what’s more important is structural design to make their minds think. Children learn while they’re playing. They need to play and use their fingers. Play helps their brains develop. The power of play is what we think about when we build a toy.

WATCH VIDEO: HABA Toys, President, Lea Culliton gives a preview of the Roll ‘n Roll ‘n Roll Ball Track and Zookeeper Sorting Box at Toy Fair in New York City…

bndd: How important is design to parents?

LEA CULLITON: That’s personal. You might not like pastel colors or primary colors. We try to stay on trend, but there’s always a classic-ness to our toys. We have some great artists.

bndd: Do you think people care more about how toys look today than in the past?

LEA CULLITON: I think the typical millennial mom is more selective in what she’s buying today, so she’s not buying twenty different toys. She’s buying four she’s really proud of, suit the child and look good in their bedroom sitting on the dresser or in the toy box; she’s not going to sell them at the garage sale. [Also, maybe it’s toy] grandma is going to buy because she likes what it looks like at her house when the kids come over. —

Photos:  1. Roll ‘n Roll ‘n Roll Ball Track 2. Zookeeper Sorting Box




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