Rugs should not be boring.

While rugs are clearly functional, providing warmth, cushioning and even reducing noise, there’s no need to be unimaginative when choosing a key element for your living or work space.

FLOR, manufacturer of creative rug design, lets you design a custom rug using one or a mix + match of colorful and inspired tiles within a range of colors, patterns, styles and price points.

On FLOR’s website they offer a convenient Design Studio where you can customize a rug inspired from pre-designed templates or create a design from a blank canvas.


Spring is in the air!

ERICK SODERSTROM, VP Marketing at FLOR details the opportunity for customers to be inspired by FLOR’s designs and make a positive impact in their lives with a personalized rug…

brandnewdaydesigns: What’s exciting about FLOR’s Spring collection?

Erick Soderstsrom: The thing that excites me about all the collections is the ability to bring in fresh styles and new ideas of custom art and design. We have a box of crayons approach when it comes to color. We give [our customers] the ability to do amazing things with color in terms of the palette and bring unique design approaches whether it’s color blocking or fading and create things you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re also big on the study of biomimicry. We spend a lot of time looking at nature from a direct design inspiration perspective and we’ve got a number of rug designs including Deep Impressions and Among The Wildflowers that draw from the outside world and bring it indoors. The idea of bringing the outdoors inside is an important part of how a lot of people think of creating a space. How do we live in an urban environment and bring nature to life within a home? Deep Impressions was taken from rock formations in river beds. You see this flow and natural feeling of how the ground looks in nature.

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How Bazaar is one of our new products for spring, which is this beautifully traditional design that we broaden with a really unique take on color. Lighter colors, more pastels and while we stay true to inspiration and a cultural point of view, we’re able to bring a different color flavor to it that brings a fresh dimension.

bndd: Why is FLOR great for interior designers?

ES: For someone working to bring somebody’s vision to life, we believe you can get design with no compromise. The purpose of all designers is to deliver 100% on the vision of their client. Bring us any idea, concept or wish and we can create something exactly as they want. From a functional perspective, our team of designers are here to help the interior designer take that weight off of having to do all of the design work all alone. We become a support system and partner to our interior design clients and allow them more flexibility to be a creative director. How many times has a designer been told “I want it exactly like this.” How often are you able to deliver on that if you’re buying off the shelf? We give you the ability to create. It’s about creation versus purchase.

bndd: Do you think consumers underestimate the positive impact rugs can have on their living space?

ES: The short answer is yes. Rugs are either seen as a piece of art or they’re this functional necessary element, but they’re definitely not seen as a stage upon where you tell your story. Whether it’s wall-to-wall or a number of area rugs and runners, in my opinion, the ability to bring people through your story, there’s only two ways to do that. One is the rug and the other is artwork. Our challenge is to try and get customers to understand there is a different way to look at rugs. Not everybody understands the ability to create custom at a high level plus you’ve got an unbelievable story around functionality and sustainability which takes it to a different level. ♦




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