playtime new yorkPlaytime New York is the premier trade show for American and international children’s clothing. 

Over 180 fashion and lifestyle brands exhibited their spring/summer 2017 collections at the Metropolitan Pavilion and adjacent Altman Building in New York City.

playtime new york

bndd walked aisles and climb stairs on the lookout for modern and unique designs that inspire kids and parents.

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Our criteria:

• A clear designer’s point of view
• Encourages personal style
• Creative reinvention of classic wears
• Multifunctional
• Environmentally respectful and sustainable
• Artists collaborations
• Longlasting



fort1. FORT KIDS 
Derrick Hodgson

Clothes are kind of like little shelters. We’re building contemporary designs and colorways with bold and classic fabrics. For our spring/summer 2017 collection we took a theme of the Saint Lawrence Seaway highlighting interesting remote areas within the Canadian landscape. [For example] the jewel tones of the Saint Lawrence gave us the blues and all the purple hills and shimmering water. We’re outdoorsy people and want to produce clothing that inspires adventure. We work with bamboo, high quality linens and a lot of wax cottons that are water and wind resistant. We have two kids of our own who are our R&D department [laughs]. We know what we’re producing feels good on their skin. We’re making stuff that is warm and cozy and feels nice.


moque2. MOQUE
New York
Hyojung Ahn

I used to be a fabric designer for a women’s brand in Korea. After I got married and had a baby, I didn’t see a lot of stylish clothing for kids so I started my own collection. The balloon sleeve on the dress is my signature design. The patterns for a lot of kids clothes are very flat. I wanted something unique so I went with a 3D shape. It’s like the same thing as adult brands. It’s a way for them to express their style.


jenny walker3. JENNY WALKER
Jenny Walker

I was a personal assistant for a famous singer as well as an E&P executive for many years. With all of my experience and training I touched everything from attorneys, architects, accountants, oil rigs and agents and even going on tour, so I had a bird’s-eye view of all these different industries and professionals. My favorite part of my job was when I got to do decorating and designing. When I had a child I wanted something that would stay in our house and wouldn’t be disposable. We have three products. A crib that converts to a desk. A basinet with aluminum stand and a changing pad. All of our mattresses are in partnership with Colgate Corporation so they’re organic and green and everything’s been safety tested. We use solid walnut, Holland & Sherry wool tweeds and leathers so they’re very high end materials and everything’s made in the United States in Dallas.


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playtime new york4. SISOUIOUIYESYES
Christina Mariani

Everyone does knitwear in my family. The themes and colors of our designs are based on animals, nature, plants and vegetables. We want our clothes to be sustainable. We use alpaca wool because regular wool has lanolin which can cause allergies so it’s a much better choice for children’s clothes. [One of my favorite] concepts is ‘fragile’ because when people approach newborns they always think they’re going to break [laughs]. It’s 100% Bolivian alpaca and handmade by machine in Bolivia. The buttons are made out of coconut. It’s totally sustainable and organic.


playtime5. BALLON ROUGE
Kelly Cai

One of our missions at Ballon Rouge is to support emerging Shanghai artists. Guan Chun is a Shanghai based illustrator whose works are heavily influenced by David Bowie. In honor of Bowie’s Major Tom character [from his “Space Oddity” classic] Chun wanted to create a special design for kids who feel the world can be a lonely place at times. Our hope is this illustration will inspire imagination and adventure for kids. We feature the design on bomber jackets and wind breakers.




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