How to be at home when you’re not at home…

What about when you leave your office or lock the door to your small shop?

Are you concerned about what’s going on in your personal space when you’re not there?

EZVIZ smart home security cameras are an inexpensive, easy to install and thoughtfully designed solution to keeping a mobile eye on your living and work spaces.

Plus with the EZVIZ App 3.0 you can use your smartphone and easily check in on your home, pet, loved one or business anytime.

With the app an advanced alert feature lets you receive immediate motion detection alerts by notification and take necessary actions to ensure the safety of your property or loved ones.

EZVIZ smart cameras record audio as well as store video on microSD cards. Cloud service subscriptions are also available.

Photo: EZVIZ smart home cameras, l to r: Mini Plus, Husky and Mini O.

Watch UNBOXING of EZVIZ smart home security video cameras…


ALBERT LIN, General Manager, EZVIZ Inc. elaborates on the design and functionality of these lightweight, small and easy to install additions to a smart home ecosystem…

brandnewdaydesigns: Of course there’s considerable attention paid to the functionality of the EZVIZ cameras. Can you elaborate on how their design is a benefit to the consumer?

Albert Lin: Based on years of experience in developing video products for commercial and enterprise markets, EZVIZ puts a lot of emphasis on quality even when it comes to design. EZVIZ blend into the home and household without sacrificing the durability and impacting the video quality. Because of their design, customers can easily set up EZVIZ cameras for different needs inside or outside their house, whether it is a nursery, living room, kitchen or backyard.

bndd: From Husky to Mini O and Mini Plus, the design and look of each camera is very different.

AL: As a nursery camera, the Mini O features a softer look and an oval shape to symbolize a caring figure. Mini Plus is a small camera, probably the smallest 1080p camera in the market. Its small form factor and elegant design makes it easier to blend into the home and household environment, making it less intrusive and easy to forget about it being there protecting them.

While we try to make Mini O and Mini Plus subtle, Husky, on the contrary, is more prominent. Most of the camera is constructed using metal, giving it a solid, rugged look and feel. You can feel the weight and solid construction in your hand. As an outdoor camera, the Husky withstands harsh weather and also serves as a deterrent to crime before it happens.

bndd: Do you have a favorite feature of the EZVIZ App 3.0? 

AL: One of our favorites is Daily Recap. With a CloudPlay subscription, the EZVIZ app will deliver a condensed, two-minute video showing the last 24 hours of motion event recording. It allows our customers to quickly find events, whether it’s when the UPS driver stopped by or when the kids were sneaking into the fridge for ice cream, and be part of those treasured moments again. We’re also excited about the revamped video playback interface. The 3.0 version of the EZVIZ app delivers a more natural and easier way to scroll through recorded footage.

bndd: Are consumers becoming more savvy about design? Do they expect products to not only be functional, but well-designed too?

AL: Yes, we believe so. Design is no longer just a cosmetic touch but an integral part of the user experience. EZVIZ products have a lot of thought behind their designs, from choosing the materials to their functionality and durability. Consumers pay close attention to the prices and compare products as well. The product designs have to be appealing, the prices must be competitive, and the user experience is key to winning customers over. A well-designed product must be user friendly for installation, setup, and everyday use. 

bndd:  Do think consumers underestimate the impact design has on their daily lives?

AL: Focusing purely on the functionality or design of a product is not what consumer expect anymore. We believe, in general, consumers are paying more and more attention to the design of products, but could still be underestimating the importance of it.♦___





  1. Harold Abrams says:

    Thanks Mark. As I wrote, these cameras are really well priced for their functionality.

  2. Mark Toniz says:

    Good Article 🙂

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