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What do you think about ordering prescription eyeglasses online?

We’ve discovered a simple way to order customized, fashionable eyeglasses online, PLUS we’ll give you details on how you can win a pair for yourself…

EyeBuyDirect is an online optical shop for prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses where you can experiment with colors and styles of frames that express your personal style at a variety of price points.

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Just like we express our personal style with the clothes we wear, customizing eyeglasses is an excellent way to make a personal statement.

Style expert, JOHNNY LEE, EyeBuyDirect’s brand marketing and creative director knows the positive impact design and customization can have on your everyday life…

brandnewdaydesigns: As consumers embrace shopping on-line more and more, how is EyeBuyDirect making the experience of buying prescription eyeglasses positive?

JOHNNY LEE: We want people to come away feeling confident that they’ve purchased glasses they love, and to have actually enjoyed the experience of selecting their glasses. It starts with educating customers about how easy it is to buy our glasses, and by demystifying some of the more intimidating technical aspects of prescription glasses. The EBD blog is a great resource for articles and fun tutorial videos to get our customers started.  In terms of our website, we’re constantly refining our UI/UX to make the process of buying prescription glasses as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have a helpful try-on feature so customers can get a good idea of how they will look in their frames, as well as a 14-Day Fit & Style guarantee, which allows customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked.

bndd: Would you agree that customers who buys glasses ‘just so they can see’ are missing an opportunity to express their personal style? 

JL: Absolutely! I think most people would agree that glasses are as much a fashion accessory as they are a means to correcting your vision. When it comes to their personal style, we encourage consumers to experiment and not feel tied to any one style of glasses simply because that’s what they’re used to. We offer an extensive range of colors and styles – from vintage to wayfarer, so that anyone can find frames that express their personal style, no matter their budget and personal taste. What we tend to see is that our customers buy their first pair of EBD glasses out of necessity and that quickly turns into an eyewear obsession.
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bndd: While you have a range of price points for your glasses, what are some of the key factors that might convince someone a more expensive pair are really worth the price in the long run? 

JL: Eyewear is an investment, plain and simple. Obviously with a more expensive pair of glasses, the components and lenses are going to be of a higher quality and therefore longer lasting. It’s all about the details and added features. All the frames from our premium offering RFLKT for example, are handmade from premium cellulose acetate, stainless steel, or wood. For that little bit extra, you’re playing for a complete package with some really nice features like anti-scratch or anti-reflective lenses, or digital protection. It’s these factors that win over the more discerning customer. 

bndd: Where do you get your inspiration for the new styles of frames?  It must be fun to name them as well…

JL: Inspiration can come from anywhere! Whether it’s fashion, art, contemporary architecture or simply a striking color or texture. We love creating mood boards when we’re forecasting styles. When it comes to naming frames, you’re absolutely right, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a process of brainstorming ideas until we feel we’ve come up with something that really captures the unique personality of the glasses. 

bndd: Can you elaborate on the ‘digital screen protection’ glasses and their importance in today’s gadget and screen obsessed society?

JL: If you think about the amount of time we spend in front of screens each day, it’s mind-boggling. These days we’re constantly exposed to the harmful blue-violet light of digital screens and understandably, this can have a negative impact on our eyes. The symptoms of eye strain include headaches, stiff necks and sore or tired eyes. Our digital protection glasses are specifically designed to filter out a portion of that harmful light, making screen time more comfortable and helping to eliminate the symptoms of digital eyestrain. It’s something that everyone should consider when they buy a pair of glasses.

bndd: Do you think consumers underestimate the impact design has on their daily lives? Is function more important than design?

JL: For me, design follows function and they are of equal importance. I like to think that these days most consumers are savvy to the importance of good design, and can see the value it brings to daily life.


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