earthlust water bottlesC’mon we know single use plastic water bottles are a waste…

EarthLust stylish stainless steel DUO Collection of water bottles are an eco-friendly substitute to how people drink on the go.

earthlust water bottlesCo-founders, Alex Hess and Cecila Perkins are ardent believers of sustainability and eliminating waste plus they’re dedicated to working with local and regional artists for the designs of their bottles.

“One of our big beliefs is having art in everyday life, says Perkins. “So with this stainless steel bottle you’re carrying around everyday, it’s kind of defining who you are with art.”

Each bottle in the DUO Collection holds 17 oz. of hot or cold liquids and features watercolor artwork by Oakland, CA artist Meagan Geer.

• Aqua Band
• Aqua Petal
• Aqua Stripe

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EarthLust bottles are naturally safe, unlined, and coated with non-toxic paint to keep harmful chemicals out of your body.

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DISCOVER:  EarthLust



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