Inspired by the cupcake craze and cake designing shows on television —  Los Angeles, CA based, graphic design artist, Andrea Corscadden launched her own custom cookie and cupcake business — affectionately named Cupookie

brandnewdaydesignsWhat do you call yourself?

Andrea Corscadden: I’m a cookie artisan (laughs).

bnddHow did you get started making custom cookies?

AC: While living in New York City a couple of years ago, I took some classes at the Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.) and fell in love with all the pastry programs and cake designing classes. The cookie designing is what I fell in love with because you can really get detailed. It’s an art.

bndd: The designs and shapes of your custom cookies are very intricate. Do you really expect people to eat them?

AC: A lot of the cookies I make are for family and friends. I went to my Dad’s house a while back and found a bunch of my cookies in his freezer still in the wrapper. I’m like “You need to eat these because when you get around to [eating them], they’re not going to taste as good.”  I definitely want people to eat my cookies. I was taught by a chef in one of my classes at I.C.E., “If your cookie is beautiful, that’s great, but if it doesn’t taste good, people won’t come back.” Taste is more important than looks. A lot of the cookies I make are used as party favors, so I put them in individual bags and tie them with pretty ribbon. I recently got married and I did all my wedding favors. I made these big cookies shaped like a wedding cake with really pretty flowers on them. Four or five people said they weren’t going to eat those; they were going to hang on to them – and they’re still in their freezers.

bndd: Wedding favors are big for you. What are some of the other custom cookie designs you’ve created?

ACHello Kitty is pretty popular. I do a lot of baby shower themed cookies, like the onesies or ducks or babies feet. People have ordered hearts for Valentine’s Day. Lot’s of holidays [themes]. Also, people are always looking to make their birthday parties special.

bndd: Your henna designs are especially unique. How did that come about?

AC: I’ve always been a fan of intricate designs. I love working on something even if it’s very detailed and takes me a long time. I was brainstorming and searching for designs on the computer. I’d always liked henna designs, but had never really paid attention to all the detail. I started piping away on a cookie and it’s probably one of my favorite cookies to do. The henna designed cookies cost more because they take longer to make, but I love creating them.

bndd: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AC: I don’t see myself opening up a storefront working 14 or 16 ours a day because a lot of this I do for fun. The extra money is nice, but I’m motivated to do this for the art of it. I’ve had a few orders where I’m up late at night and I’m trying to finish and it gets stressful. I get it – it’s a business too — but when it comes down to it, it’s the design and art that I love the most. Eventually, I’d like to sell to some local markets and maybe get some orders for some special events.

bndd: Do you consider Cookie Monster a friend or a foe?

AC: (Laughs) I consider him a friend. He loves cookies and so do I!

DISCOVER:  Cupookie


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  4. Tiffany says:

    Andrea of Cupookie is one of the best cookie artists out there. As is so creative and talented. I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting her beautiful creations and they are delicious!

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