The iPhone X is the newest phone from Apple and of course there will be many opinions from consumers about the changes made to this new device. 

Of particular interest is the overall design of the phone that has been converted to an all-screen with no home button. But does that mean the iPhone X goes without a worthy competitor? Not when you include the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the equation.


Here highlights of features that place these smartphones back to back as competitors:


One of the considerations that many reviewers have upheld while comparing the phones is biometrics. On this aspect, the Note 8 enjoys an edge over the iPhone X as it comes with three biometrics options. These include the fingerprint scanner, a face recognition system, and an iris scanner. This beats the iPhone X which comes with only a 3D face recognition system. Although Apple says this is the best security mechanism for the iPhone, some users think the company should have kept the fingerprint scanner.


When it comes to payments, both phones offer an option. But the Note 8 seems to get it right again with the LoopPay system that allows the user to make payments anywhere. It is a tap-to-pay system that assists you to use any credit card reader. Apple included the Apple Pay, which is still not so widespread, so you might be forced to turn to a third party app sometimes when using the iPhone X. However, Apple Pay has been gradually picking pace and might soon seriously rival the LoopPay system on the Note 8.

iPhone X 300x250


When it comes to cameras, the iPhone X puts up a tight battle against the Note 8. Only little differences emerge. The iPhone X comes with a background blurring system that allows you to lay emphasis on the subject. Although the Note 8 comes with this feature as well, it is not as refined as on the iPhone X. the front-facing camera of the iPhone X is also able to take fancy portrait shots, which is something the Note 8 lacks.


There are a number of aspects of the display of the phones that separate them. The first thing to consider is screen resolution. On this aspect, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with a larger 6.3-inch screen that achieves a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. On the other hand, the iPhone X offers a mere 5.8 inches that achieve a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. Additionally, the iPhone X features a flat all-screen design while the Note 8 offers an almost all-screen display that is curved inwards towards the ends, creating a sleek appearance.

Storage options

Once you get the iPhone with 64GB and start taking high quality videos and photos, you don’t have a way to expand the memory to accommodate the additional storage. With the iPhone you only have two options, a 64GB and 256GB phones. The Note 8 offers you only a 64GB option with the advantage of having capabilities for expandable memory. So, you could easily expand the storage of the Note 8 to reach 300GB and you can switch the microSD cards as you wish to facilitate the storage of your files. But you have to note that the iPhone X comes with a file compression system that can compress photos up to 50 percent size, which helps to save on space.

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