michael freeman photographerDo you know the rules of being a great photographer? What about your camera settings?

Maybe you just want to point your camera and go with your gut instincts.

In his book, Fifty Paths to Creative Photography, veteran photographer, Michael Freeman encourages photographers not to depend on traditional or formal approaches, but capture life and unpredictable events with a personal flair and your own way of thinking.

michael freeman photographerInstead of tips or techniques Freeman opts for 50 ‘paths’ of practical approaches which balance technique with creativity when capturing moments.

A few of the chapter titles suggest the book’s tone: “There are No Rules”, “Be Curious”, “Out of Place”, “Make It Fit Your Geometry”, and “Cultivate the Casual”. Freeman’s ultimate goal is to find your own ‘path’ of revealing your subject’s true nature.

In addition to Freeman’s text, the book includes quotes from other established photographers along with beautiful imagery and life moments from around the world.

DISCOVER:  Fifty Paths to Creative Photography by Michael Freeman




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