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bndd introduces artisans, designers, innovators, geeks and fashionistas from around the world who push boundaries and constantly raise the bar through their cleverness, ingenuity, insight and passion.

bndknows the positive impact great design can have throughout your home, what you wear, the foods you eat and the places you visit. We want to inspire you to incorporate the best of art and design in your daily life.



Harold is an Emmy Award winning television producer who has worked on projects for PBS, VH1 and MTV. Harold’s also an artist and graphic designer specialized in custom invitations, t-shirts and promotional items featuring his modern and colorful designs.

brandnewdaydesigns is a space to meet creative spirits and discover innovative products that make life happy. Our writings, photographs and videos include the history of design and the excitement of its future. I’m especially interested in featuring dialogue with artists as a means to reveal the human side of design. My hope is you not only appreciate art and design, but as a consumer recognize the impact design has on your life.”

Harold grew up in Denver, Colorado and received his BA in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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