bare air free baby bottle bittylabWith an air-plug that automatically moves while a baby is feeding, the Bare Air-free baby bottle delivers air-free milk and formula, effectively preventing air ingestion, the cause of gas, fuss and colic.

This innovative technology and uniquely designed bottle was created by Priska Diaz, a breastfeeding mom whose son’s chronic colic and nipple confusion was her inspiration.

bare air-free baby bottle by bittylab“By observing my own breasts and nipples while breastfeeding, I realized delivering air-free milk to the baby was crucial in order to avoid gas and colic. A mother’s nipple extends up to three times inside the baby’s mouth while feeding, so Bare’s Perfe-latch nipple is designed to extend inside the baby’s mouth and continue the same deep, wide latch only breastfed babies have,” explains Diaz, the mother of two. “This allows breastfed babies to enjoy and bond with other members of the family while feeding as well as continue the breastfeeding relationship.”

baby bottle

Bare Air-free Baby Bottle 4oz Single pack with Perfe-latch & Easy-latch nipples, $15.50.

The Bare Air-free bottle is the first offering from Diaz founded company, Bittylab, dedicated to offering innovative new products that raise the bar with quantifiable benefits.

DISCOVER:  Bare Air-free Baby Bottle by Bittylab


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modern home designModern home design styles can seem like a labyrinth for many homeowners. Beautiful dwellings made into monotonous, overbearing structures that stick out like a sore thumb in the community. Or on the other hand, contemporary homes that stand as elegant, characterful interpretations to inspire passers-by.

Finding the compromise between cutting edge style and the comforts that make a house a home is all in the details. During the early planning stages right to the last brush stroke, you will need to maintain a thorough understanding of your design ambitions in order to strike this balance.

modern home design

Embrace Your Quirks

Great home design should be fun and inspired, mixing materials and decor to create a seamless reflection of the homeowner. Embrace your character and individual taste to distinguish your house from that of your neighbors and ensure that it feels like a place you can belong.

Incorporating your passion and experience into the home design is an important step of the creative process. Do you enjoy whimsical detailing? A bohemian vibe? Perhaps your greatest ambition is to lead an eco-friendly build. Whatever your interest, leveraging the endless design options and support of the modern industry is a fantastic starting point.

Get Inspired

Gather your inspiration from a variety of sources and the result will be a well-balanced, considered home. Take inspiration from beautiful places, unique memories and your lifestyle! Great contemporary design should never take itself too seriously. The best homes balance functionality with playful aesthetic to create a space that is unique to you.

Look through magazines, blogs, display homes, renovation shows and even the homes of your friends for motivation. See what you like (and what you don’t!), then decide the best way to apply this to your own home. Adapting styles that engage you is an easy way to take ideas from the masses and transform them to work for you.

Dive Into Your Research

When it comes to long-lasting home design, seeing is believing. Every homeowner should make the effort to walk through stores and display homes. Seeing your ideas in person before you sign off to install them in your own space could save you from heartache later on. That black leather couch that looks great on the glossy page? In reality it might be too harsh to suit your living room.

Having a strong understanding of your design will keep you anchored as the options become more vast down the track. This research should be an ongoing process, it doesn’t stop when the frame is up, the paint is on or even once you’ve moved in! Your home is a reflection of your life and character, which changes constantly over time.

modern home design
Light Things Up

Don’t be afraid to take out extra time to research and select hardware for your home, as well a lighting. These finer details contribute a large part to the bigger picture. A rustic, industrial-style pendant can bring a large room warmth and instant character. Creating this ambience is an important element of balanced design, where the flick of a switch could tip a room either way.

Choose a light that will make the space more inviting, highlight unique structural details or upgrade an otherwise outdated room. Great lighting should not only increase visibility in the room, but provide a focal point and set the mood. Do your research before making a final purchase – always confirm size, length and style ahead of time to avoid any unwelcome surprises! While an ultra-modern, white light could make your bathroom sleek, it might leave your bedroom cold and clinical.

Mix Up Your Materials

It is crucial that your material choice doesn’t overwhelm the space. Compromise a grey stone floor with an eclectic rug, or stark white walls with exposed brick detailing. Modern home design brings with it endless options for construction to create balance.

In the past, you could walk down the road and be faced with only brick or weatherboard houses. But with the opportunity to source and merge a variety of textures and materials, why not have both? The best contemporary homes are not cookie-cutter builds, but many-layered masterpieces able to balance wood against stone, brick against copper for a varied aesthetic.

Extra tips

Take a family member or friend with you to get a counter opinion. Tunnel vision is one of the biggest roadblocks to authentic creative design.

Orientate your living space to face northward to enjoy the best of the sunny days. Letting in as much natural light as possible will open up the space for a healthy, positive ambience.

If all of this is a little much to get your head around, then consider working with a custom home builder to take the stress out of directing your home design.

Author Bio

As Managing Director of Mazzei Homes, Australia’s leading luxury home builders, Daniel Mazzei has a strong ambition to innovate the building experience for those looking to build and renovate their homes. Offering all clients his masterful expertise in custom home design.


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