puku portable chargerAs smart as our phones and tablets may be, we’re always challenged with battery life. 

The Puku external charger is a compact while powerful solution to keeping connected to our digital world.

After Hurricane Sandy left thousands of New Yorkers powerless, entrepreneurs Meck Khalfan and Ani Onuorah developed the Puku. Comfortably carried in a computer bag, purse or backpack, the minimally designed Puku charger is compatible with hand-held devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and gaming devices that charge via a USB cable.

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puku portable charger


brandnewdaydesigns discovered team Puku exhibiting at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City and spoke with President and Co-creator Ani Onuorah about their creatively designed ‘power on the go’ solution…

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brandnewdaydesigns : There are a lot of external chargers in the marketplace. What makes the Puku special?

Ani Onuorah: When we started out my business partner Meck Khalfan and I asked ourselves that very question. What is it about our charger we want to be unique? We knew we had to find a good designer. It’s the superior design that makes Puku unique. It’s got curves and an interesting minimally designed indicator that changes color as the capacity drops. The Puku is very cool and trendy. We actually have a lot of fashion enthusiast who immediately gravitate to the Puku as soon as they see it.

puku portable chargerWe were the first to introduce colors on this scale. Yes, there are other manufacturers who’ve since copied our colors, but you’re not getting the same brand or feeling of comfort you get when you’re holding a Puku. It’s very different.

bndd: Speaking of different, Puku is a very creative name…

OnuorahPuku is a breed of antelopes found in the savannah grasslands of Africa. Puku’s are very strong and resilient and have a great talent for survival. Like these creatures, we think our chargers are strong yet beautiful and will help keep your devices up and running. Without a charger, you basically aren’t connected and in this day and age – you need to be connected.


puku portable chargerWith a capacity of 8000 mAh, a single full charge of the Puku S8 charger will provide three to five full charges for most smart phones and 50-100% charge for most tablets. The external charger comes with a USB cable that connects to micro USB devices.  Any USB cable used for charging devices such as smartphones or tablets is compatible.



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transform a spare roomSo you just got back from a trip to New York City or San Francisco. You have a fresh outlook on the way people live, and are newly grateful for the large amount of square footage your house has. You’ve used the spare bedroom for storage for years and now is the time it gets made over into a useful space. What will it become? With these creative suggestions, you can transform your spare room into a vacation space you’ll want to visit every day.

place to think and dreamA PLACE TO THINK AND DREAM

Sometimes you just want a place to unplug and get away from it all. Make that happen by turning your spare room into a contemplation room. A sparse room with comfortable seating and a limited number of distractions can be the ultimate break from routine. Orient the seating around the outside view or an aquarium to emphasize the focus on nature and serenity. Make use of a white noise generator to create the sound of running water or songbirds. The SimplyNoise apps feature white, pink and brown soundscapes that you can download to your mobile device or computer.

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

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a space for artA SPACE FOR ART

Nurture the artist in you by creating a studio in your spare room. Fill the room with natural light, which is an artist’s best friend. Set aside part of the room for cabinets, drawers and shelves for supplies. Include a table and chair for the thoughtful planning of your next masterpiece.

Photo by karindalziel via Flickr

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Use another section of the room for your stands, easels, canvases and materials currently in use. Use neutral colors on the walls and floor so you’re not distracted from your work. If you have space, consider installing a corner utility sink to keep the mess contained. Set up a Keurig single-serving coffee and tea maker and get to work creating.

a place to relaxA PLACE TO RELAX

What better way to get away than with your partner in your own spa? Mostly open space, you’ll want a massage table as a central feature. Perhaps a comfortable chair or settee off to one side as well. Install shelves against the wall to hold linens and bathrobes. Keep a variety of massage oils, candles and incense within reach. The ability to control mood lighting is crucial to the success of this space. Opt for modern draperies from a retailer like The Shade Store that can block the light while keeping the room luxurious. Upgrade your spa experience by investing in high-end face masks, hair treatments and mani-pedi sets.

Photo by Unique Hotels Group via Flickr

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a room to playROOM TO PLAY

Make your spare room a place for fun. Not noisy high-tech video games, but an adult play room for card games, board games and puzzles. Set up a round table and chairs in the center of the room for you and your friends to play cards, and a long table at one end for puzzles. A couple of jazzy pendant lights hanging over the tables will provide light for those late-night sessions.

Photo by Greencolander via Flickr

Put a bookcase full of board games and puzzles against the wall, and a buffet against another wall that can be used for drinks and snacks. Provide chairs and small tables for people who just want to watch the games and socialize.


authorSandra Roberts Antiques dealer, budding designer and kettle corn addict.



hästens luxury bedsHästens has been refining the art of sleep for more than 160 years.

On their quest to provide perfect rest, Sweden’s oldest family-owned manufacturer of beds has relaunched their Continental and Adjustable bed collection.

These upgraded models improve surface flexibility and comfort along with quieter and softer pocket fabrics. 

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hästens bed

“We’ve updated the Hästens Continental bed because of our never-ending mission to provide the best sleep in the world,” explains Jan Ryde, Hästens CEO and owner. “Like all our beds, the new Continental and Adjustable Continental beds are crafted with uncompromising quality.”

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hästens beds

Hästens beds eschew foam cushioning as all of the brand’s hand-stiched mattresses are filled with natural materials including horsehair, wool, cotton, flax, Swedish pine and steel.

I’m ready for bed. How about you?

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