small changesThere’s nothing more irritating than coming home from a full day of work to a house that isn’t relaxing. Your environment plays a huge role in your mood, and one of the first steps towards a better state of mind is to think critically about the design and functionality of your house.

For instance, unnecessary clutter overloads your brain, making it hard to keep focus or rest in your own space, explains Psychology Today. And, design isn’t just for the professionals. Make these little changes to transform your house into a veritable haven of comfort and serenity.

Declutter Your Life

You might be thinking, I don’t have the first clue about interior design, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Well, the first step usually is to get rid of some items that no longer serve a purpose.

interior designAccording to UCLA magazine, people respond to excess materials in their homes with increased levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Too many things, can cause you to feel overwhelmed and like your work is never done. So, take stock of everything and ask yourself if the item is doing anything functional and if it needs to be there. This process will help your prioritize what to keep and what to give away.

Donate, Sell, Rearrange

Getting rid of your stuff can be tough because it may have sentimental value. And, The Economist explains that your brain is wired to place higher value on items once you own them, something known as the endowment effect. However, it is important to remember that memories are not locked within objects and can be kept even when the object is gone.

Once you have pared down each room to the essentials, consider how the room will function. Decide if you want to have a large seating area or smaller sections for more intimate interactions. Then, rearrange your furniture until you are satisfied with its aesthetic look and functionality. Again, going through this process will allow you to remove or rearrange furniture into more effective groupings so that you use the space to its fullest potential.


Only when you are certain of the arrangement of your furniture should you move into the design and detailed aspects of the room. In order to cohesively design a room, you must know what items will be present within it. Lighting is crucial for this part of your process because it helps set the mood. Windows can be both an asset and a hindrance, so window treatments are a must. Install wooden blinds or solar shades to let sunlight in during the day and then close them at night to ensure privacy and a good night’s sleep. Or, if you want something more decorative, purchase flowing drapes to set an enchanting, luxurious tone in the room.

If you heed the suggestions provided above, your house will feel like home and your mind and body will thank you for it.


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le vin by olavieOLAVIE introduces Le Vin, a made-in-California collection of candles and diffusers available in seven scents inspired by fine wines and memorable vineyards.

Recognized for its Chardonnay-based therapy skin care products, these home fragrances are a first for OLAVIE.

le vin by olavie candle

Conceived by Denver, Colorado-based wined enthusiast and entrepreneur, Ken Heng, Le Vin was inspired by his love of California’s wine country.  “When I returned to wine country, I started understanding why not only the winery staff but the visitors seemed happier than people anywhere else,” he says. “When you appreciate wine, and for that matter the vineyards, you are living in the moment. You have to slow down and mindfully inhale the bouquet, taste the wine and become one with the scenery. Your stress is gone.”

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le vin by olavie

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The seven scents include: Tuscan Fig, Sparkling Violet, Cassis and French Oak, White Grapefruit, Vineyard Garden and the authentically masculine, Signature Cellar.



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