make your room look biggerSmall rooms can feel cramped.

Spaciousness, or rather the lack of it, really is more of an illusion. This is a good thing because it means you can rearrange a room to make it feel roomier without actually expanding the space or creating more room by removing furniture.

Here are 10 ways you can create the perception of a bigger room in a petite living space.

make your small room look bigger1. GIVE THE ROOM A COASTAL TOUCH

Bring about a coastal ambiance by incorporating a lot of white furniture. To make the room feel bigger, try to space everything out. That is, no two objects should be touching each other if possible.

Also, by using a lot of white, from the furniture to the walls, you give the room an unobstructed and airy vibe.

2. Incorporate Outdoor Colors

If the room has a large window, then try to grace the interior with colors that match the view of what can be seen outside. If there is a lot of green foliage, then add different shades of green. What this does is that it merges the outdoors with the indoors to give the living space a more expansive feel.

make your room look biggerThis can be taken further by sticking to natural flooring instead of man-made materials. Consider wood, bamboo, or cork instead of carpet or tile.

3. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Use furniture that serves more than a single purpose. Examples include sofas and chairs with built-in storage compartments. This gives you additional storage space to keep small items out of sight without having to install additional shelving.

A Vintage steamer truck also works well here. Plus, it’s so much better looking on an aesthetic level compared to a generic Gorilla footlocker. Place it by the foot of your bed and you also have yourself an additional surface area for storing décor items.

make your room look bigger

4. Use Furniture Raised on Legs

Furniture raised high off the floor creates a sense of spaciousness. It might be tempting to store items under the furniture much the way you would store items under the bed; don’t do this. You want the space under the furniture fully exposed to create the perception of open space.

make your room look biggerFurniture with tall legs include sofas, armchairs, and foot rests just to list a few. Also keep in mind that when it comes to sofas and loveseats, some have legs that can be unscrewed and refitted with a longer or shorter leg.

make your room look bigger5. Use Large Mirrors

At least one wall should include a large mirror. This doesn’t have to be one that’s nearly the size of the wall itself, but one that’s full-length works well. Multiple smaller mirrors can also be hung side by side.

The wall that gets the mirrors will serve as the accent wall for creating contrast without resorting to darker colors, which makes the room feel smaller.

make your small room look bigger6. Go Monochromatic by Using Light Colors

Use as much light and neutral colors as possible. Light colors like white and beige are space extenders and makes the room appear more stretched out. Opt for light colored furniture and drapes, and paint the walls a creamy white.

On a side note, some say that too much neutral colors gives the room a monotonous feel. However, this isn’t the case if plenty of décor accessories like pillows, mirrors, and potted plants are added. This can also be offset by using different shades of the same color.

make your small room look bigger7. Add a Drop Leaf Dining Table

Dining tables are notorious for consuming a huge chunk of space. A drop leaf table is one where the end sections can be folded when not in use. This also creates flat sides, thus making it more efficient for storing against the wall.

Similarly, you can also opt for fold-up chairs as well. There are varieties that are just as fashionable as your typical vintage dining chair set.

make your small room look bigger8. Add a Huge Bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf creates a focal point and expands the space by seemingly extending the length of the ceiling. By adding a bookshelf of that size, you will also have plenty of storage space, meaning there is no excuse for clutter.

You should preferably opt for a shelf that comes with drawers on the bottom. The shelves can look cluttered if you store most things besides books. Décor items, though, such as vases and decorative bookends are fine.

9. Go Bare With the Windows

Sure, curtains and valances are aesthetically appealing, but it’s also just as visually appealing to leave drapes out altogether. What this does is that it tricks the eyes and makes the room appear to have more depth.

make your small room look biggerIf you need privacy, opt for thin, white or other lightly colored drapes. It all goes back to what was discussed earlier about using light and neutral colors.

10. Go Dark With the Ceilings

Light colors were mostly emphasized so far. However, dark colors also have their place. While walls and furniture should ideally be a light or neutral color, going for a darker color for the ceiling creates a greater depth perception. This effect is heightened if you add some type of fixture, such as a ceiling fan or chandelier to help draw the eyes upwards.

make your small room look biggerIt’s all About Perception

Having more room is always nice. The good news is that you can make any living space appear more spacious by making simple modifications that doesn’t require any expensive and time-consuming overhauls.


About Hannah Hutchinson

Being passionate about beautiful interiors and architecture, I also have recently begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem. I strongly believe that the place we create around us has a strong influence on our personal well-being. Follow me for my inspirations and musings at @hannahhutch5 and Pinterest.


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adorne by legrandLegrand provider of products for electrical installations has introduced adorne, a collection of outlets, light switches and over 35 wall plate finishes that transform your everyday light switches into beautiful design statements.

The big buzz, especially in urban real estate these days is ‘luxury living’. ‘Luxury’ is a personal interpretation, right? When it comes to interiors, you might agree that granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hard wood floors and top of the line kitchen and bath accessories would likely be defined as luxurious.

Watch: Transform your light switches and electrical outlets with the adorne Collection…

It’s been five years since we moved into our so-called luxury apartment in New York City. While thoughtful design consideration was given throughout our living space, the light switches and electrical outlets were run-of-the-mill.

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I was excited to partner with Legrand and their adorne Collection and add design and personal style to some of my most frequently used and taken for granted components.

Select a Room

I used adorne’s Room Planner on their website to choose my switches and outlets. My selections included soft tap dimmers, whisper switches and a very handy combination usb + tamper-resistant outlet; all magnesium colored. As far as wall plates, I chose mirror white for all.


I hired a handyman to install my fixtures. It took him about an hour and a half to remove my old hardware and replace it with the five sets of adorne gear. It was a fairly smooth process with no complaints. #electriciansrock

Before and After

Check out these before and after images from my apartment and see for yourself what a simple, yet dramatic impact adorne can have on your living space…

A boring light switch compared with adorne light switch.

Kitchen and hallway light. This double light switch is probably one of the most used in my apartment. I love the streamline, techy vibe of the adorne switches. Press gently on the center of the soft tap dimmer, you hear a slight click and the lights gently dim up. When you turn off the lights, again, a reminder click and the lights slowly dim. FYI: The system handily remembers your dimmer preference, so you don’t have to tweak your settings every time you turn on the lights. The whisper switch is a perfect and simple on/off solution for the hallway. Don’t you wish you could reach inside this photo and try them out yourself?

comparison of old and new outlets featuring adorne by legrand

Kitchen counter left. So happy with my kitchen counters and backsplash, yet can’t believe how crappy the outlets were. How stunning is adorne’s combination usb + tamper-resistant outlet? It’s a fresh look, plus you can’t beat the modern day convenience of a usb direct plug.

Comparison of old outlet with new adorne designer outlet.

Kitchen counter right. I swear I heard my coffee maker and toaster say “Thank you, Harold.”

adorne by legrande

Foyer. Check out the indicator lights on the right side of the adorne soft tap dimmer. Micro-movement that lets you turn lights on and off or dim them with a soft tap of your finger. Functional and elegant.

Who knew turning on the lights could be so much fun. I can’t wait to do my living room!


editors 2 cents graphic1. Research and patience is key to creating an enjoyable living environment. 2. What might appear to be expensive, could be the best long-term solution for your design, quality and personal statement needs. 3. Repetitious yet bonafide; love is indeed in the details.

DISCOVER:  The adorne Collection by Legrand


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