robert wilson illy expresso cup collectionRenowned visual artist Robert Wilson has created a limited edition cup collection for the high-end Italian coffee roasting company illy.

Inspiration for the collection comes from the Watermill Center, a laboratory for the arts and humanistic sciences in eastern Long Island, NY, Wilson founded in 1992.

robert wilson expresso cup collection for illyEach summer Wilson decamps to the Watermill Center bringing together professional artists and students from different countries and backgrounds to explore new forms of art and break through artistic boundaries.

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At this summer’s workshop, five artists – Christopher Knowles, Hope Esser, Willie Filkowski, Clo’e Floirat and Gintare Minelgaite – were chosen to depict the spirit of the Watermill Center on the iconic illy espresso cup in collaboration with Wilson. The collection’s designs contain elements from the architecture and grounds of the Center.

robert wilson expresso cup collection for illy

The limited edition collectible cups are signed and numbered by each artist and available in limited quantities. The collection contains six cups and six saucers, a booklet about the artists and their designs and a poster that tells the story of the illy Artist Collection.

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The Robert Wilson Espresso Cup Collection (set of 6 cups and saucers) is $150.00, while the cappuccino collection is $195.00.

DISCOVER:  The Robert Wilson Collection for illy


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warwick rowers 2015 calendarThe Warwick Rowers have stripped off their clothes again for the sixth edition of their world-famous naked calendar. 

As well as raising money for their rowing club, the men are also putting cash from the sales towards their charity, Sport Allies, which works to combat homophobia in sport.

The dedicated University of Warwick student athletes are rarely seen clothed and trained for six months to make sure they were camera-ready for this year’s shoot. “Having the calendar shoot coming up gave us all an extra incentive to get down the gym and get out in the boats”, says rower Paddy West. “We spent six months getting in shape. We really wanted to look our very best for our supporters.”

warwick rowers 2015 calendar

Watch below the story of some guys who decided to make a positive change by getting naked…

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For the 2015 edition, the boys put the calendar itself through a major bootcamp. Twice as big as the previous calendars at approximately 16.5 x 12 inches with enormous pictures, a sheet of four generous tear-out postcards and a full-color tear-out poster that is approximately 23 x 16.5 inches.

warwick rowers 2015 calendar

“We were blown away by the response to the calendar last year, and we wanted to show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received,” according to veteran calendar star, Matt Dabell, who is making his third calendar appearance this year with solo shots for July and the full-color poster. “Of course, making Sport Allies a reality and a success is the best thank you we can offer, but people don’t buy this calendar just to support a good cause; they want a nice calendar. 

DISCOVER: Warwick Rowers


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