interior design trends 2016It’s 2016 and a brand new series of interior design trends are starting to liven up people’s living spaces.

From quirky folk touches and exotic prints to psychedelic colors and natural materials, this year’s tendencies look incredibly promising. They’re all bold and fun, which might be exactly what your home needs to look chic, stylish and comfortable.

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Jungle themes with bold, psychedelic colors

Make a statement this season and transform your living room completely. The jungle theme is all about color clashes, bold decorations, and mixed materials. Botanical influences are bringing outdoor influences inside the home; and they look amazing when paired with explosively-colored cushions and decorative pillows. Go for palettes that are dazzling, intriguing and out of the ordinary, but remember to have a balance. Choose a dominant color and give your living are a more organic, natural vibe.

interior design trends 2016


Bring a warm, global vibe into your home this 2016 and decide on vibrant bohemian patterns and colors for the spring/summer season. Statement rugs and cushions, tribal prints, and vintage-inspired furniture are excellent elements you can incorporate into your space to make it appear fresh and innovative. Pepper your living room with green elements. Cacti and other plants that are long-lasting will instantly transform a dull area into a fresh environment.

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A greener home is not just more beautiful to the naked eye, but also more soothing to the soul. Bring in natural elements into the kitchen to make it appear livelier and more breathable. Cooking spaces are often too urban-like. Appliances and kitchenware tend to occupy a lot of space; and it’s certainly unpleasant to walk into a kitchen and see it surrounded by metal. It might look chic and urban, but it’s cold and unwelcoming. Tame down that effect with naturals. Edible plants for example, are an excellent way of transforming a decorative kitchen into a more productive kitchen; plants and flower pots are additionally the cheapest way of making a space appear more inviting and cozier.

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This 2016, rattan is coming back. The ingenious material will be present across your entire home, including the furniture, accessories, lighting and more. There’s a range of fabulous 3D shapes currently wrapped into exclusive interior décor pieces, so why not take advantage? The modern angular form and fluid curves of rattan can make the best décor tables and chairs for your dining and living area. The material is commonly used outside, in the patio or summer garden. However, this year we’ll see rattan decorations inside the home too. It will give your place a modern retro appeal, and what’s great about it is that it’s eco too. It doesn’t come at a high price, and when incorporated properly into your décor, it will look stunning.

interior design trends in 2016


Exotic flavors will be in high demand this season. Vibrant patterns, designer fabrics with extravagant designs, and saturated patterns will be everywhere around your home. Dominant hues will be orange, green, and purple. In terms of materials, wood and bamboo will blend in perfectly with Egyptian cotton linens and silk table cloths. The oriental theme will add more color into your space, and it will give a complete boost of style. Incorporate dark, heavy furniture into the mix, rich colors in the fabrics and on the walls, and over-sized lamps and lanterns to welcome in more light and create a proper mood. The style is without a doubt sophisticated and glamorous!


For those who are not that fond of extravagant interior decorations, fresh ocean influences will do the trick. This season, coastal and nautical schemes are informal and relaxed, thus giving the impression that your home is airy and fresh. Stay away from obvious nautical influences, and center your attention on specific shades of blue and navy-like patterns. Add a seaside feel into your home with linens and opt for stripes in different density and scale.

Interior design trends 2016

Last but not least, if you don’t know where to start you can always consult with an interior decorator. Better yet, check the web for some useful insights and transform your home into a beautiful, welcoming nest for you and your loved ones.


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