puku portable chargerAs smart as our phones and tablets may be, we’re always challenged with battery life. 

The Puku external charger is a compact while powerful solution to keeping connected to our digital world.

After Hurricane Sandy left thousands of New Yorkers powerless, entrepreneurs Meck Khalfan and Ani Onuorah developed the Puku. Comfortably carried in a computer bag, purse or backpack, the minimally designed Puku charger is compatible with hand-held devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and gaming devices that charge via a USB cable.

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puku portable charger


brandnewdaydesigns discovered team Puku exhibiting at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City and spoke with President and Co-creator Ani Onuorah about their creatively designed ‘power on the go’ solution…

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brandnewdaydesigns : There are a lot of external chargers in the marketplace. What makes the Puku special?

Ani Onuorah: When we started out my business partner Meck Khalfan and I asked ourselves that very question. What is it about our charger we want to be unique? We knew we had to find a good designer. It’s the superior design that makes Puku unique. It’s got curves and an interesting minimally designed indicator that changes color as the capacity drops. The Puku is very cool and trendy. We actually have a lot of fashion enthusiast who immediately gravitate to the Puku as soon as they see it.

puku portable chargerWe were the first to introduce colors on this scale. Yes, there are other manufacturers who’ve since copied our colors, but you’re not getting the same brand or feeling of comfort you get when you’re holding a Puku. It’s very different.

bndd: Speaking of different, Puku is a very creative name…

OnuorahPuku is a breed of antelopes found in the savannah grasslands of Africa. Puku’s are very strong and resilient and have a great talent for survival. Like these creatures, we think our chargers are strong yet beautiful and will help keep your devices up and running. Without a charger, you basically aren’t connected and in this day and age – you need to be connected.


puku portable chargerWith a capacity of 8000 mAh, a single full charge of the Puku S8 charger will provide three to five full charges for most smart phones and 50-100% charge for most tablets. The external charger comes with a USB cable that connects to micro USB devices.  Any USB cable used for charging devices such as smartphones or tablets is compatible.



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HÄSTENS LUXURIOUS ACCESSORIESAs the weather gets cooler outside, it’s time to get more cozy inside. Get your home ready for the fall season with a few of Hästens premium accessories…



hästens eco-light duvetECO-LIGHT DUVET – $560.00

Made of all-natural 90% goose down and 10% goose feather, a built-in ventilation system allows the duvet to breathe, providing an exquisitely relaxing and weightless feeling. Available in Eco-Light Deluxe which is perfect for fall and in Eco-Medium Deluxe and Eco-Warm Deluxe which work better for the colder months.

hästens alpaca throwBABY ALPACA THROW – Starting from $420.00

These superbly soft throws are handmade from 100% baby alpaca wool. This material has a hollow core that keeps it feather-light while still retaining heat. Available in oatmeal, ink, charcoal, birch, nutmeg, chili, mocha, and pelt.

hästens down slippersDOWN SLIPPER BOOTS – $80.00

The ultimate in luxury for your feet, these cozy, 100% cotton boots are filled with a blend of 75% white down and 25% sea bird feathers, and feature a ribbon in the Hästens’ signature blue check pattern.

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